chronicled thoughts

Vanessa Mae: inspiring the future of my work

Thank you

I owe my life to Steve Jobs

San Francisco

The hardest thing to do in life, is to be yourself

Depressed, for happiness

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Why I do my best for the elections

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Quake of change

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Discussing suicide

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How to live

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Live, love and be yourself

re: Power

Action plan for change

Thin line between delusion & faith

Giant leap of faith

I am who I am

Happy birthday, Singapore – with gratitude but not love.

Why I don’t blog about design

Why I refuse to be a Singtel mobile subscriber anymore

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We all have choices

Travelling solo, finally

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Restarting from the bottom

A personal tribute to Denise Ho (hocc)


Living life without limits

On “The Licensed Designer”

Looking back at 2009

It is all about perception

Energy, or the lack of

This is it: The genius who wanted to change the world but couldn’t save himself

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Quantum Touched

The Power of Now

Inner reflections: Self-esteem

Because not all of us are blessed with comfort & health

3 steps forward

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Stop feeding the fear mongers

Proud to be AWARE

Reasons for feeling insulted, disturbed & hurt by the new AWARE leadership

Standing up for AWARE

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Creating my own reality

Peer recognition

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My Feelings & thoughts – whom they belong

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When there’s too much to say

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And so it begins…