Making the most out of time

I fell really sick for the past two days. It seemed like somebody was trying to drive the whole point across to me about not taking my health for granted. I thought it didn’t seem like a coincidence that this bout of sickness came right after I wrote my previous post.

I had a chance to experience how does it really feel like to be totally disempowered as I lay in bed feeling really ill and restless, yet not possessing an ounce of energy to do anything.

It is kinda ironic, because I had such grand plans and hopes for these few days as I told myself after writing the previous post that I’ll want to make better use of my time.

Only to be hit with a cold, stark reminder that it is not up to us when we’ll like to make good use of time or not. The moment I actually felt like accomplishing something, I fell ill. While being static on bed I wondered about all those times I had been in perfect health and yet chose to idle my time away. What if this spate of illness lasts more than a few days? What if from this very moment onwards I lose my health for good?

Since am a perpetual worrier and am always under stress and not eating properly of having enough exercise, I do get sick rather often, but I usually recover in a matter of a day or two. I’ve been blessed with good health overall, till date I have not had any major illnesses or injuries (touch wood).

Yet this is the first time I am giving serious contemplation that my illness may last more than mere days with the possibilities following it. Not because I really feel that I’ll continue to be sick, but I have has this chance to really think about it instead of just taking for granted that I am bound to recover.