When there’s too much to say

Prior to the site going live, I was getting frustrated with myself because I had so much to write on this blog, and my lack of time to develop this blog was being the one obstacle to me finally being able to unleash all my pent-up thoughts.

Now that the site is up, I slowly realised I thought wrong when I naively assumed that I’ll be so anxious to share my thoughts that I’ll be publishing long thoughtful posts at a daily rate.

I have so much to say, that I do not know where to start. I wanted to make a good start, and that intention quickly became my next stumbling block. Many times, I wanted to start writing, but I did not want my rush of thoughts to literally become too fragmented to be read. Wait for a better time, I kept telling myself.

That better time never seem to come.

Too many words, trying to come out of one mouthpiece, and they all end up getting stuck near the exit.

The best thing to do, is just to let the words flow from my heart.