In Astrology How Much Is Fate and How Much Is Free Will?

Robert Wilkinson writes about fate and free will in astrology.

I used to have a pretty deterministic view of fate, believing that everything was already pre-determined. This view did not reconcile very well with my new-found spiritual beliefs (like the law of attraction) but through my own personal experiences and spiritual journey, I came to realise that while we cannot prevent current circumstances, however we react to it will set-up forthcoming events.

Personally, I believe people who have very trying circumstances because of past karma have the free will and power to influence their future or next life if they adopt the ‘right’ attitude and reaction to it.

Quoted from article:

…We can be happy, sad, frustrated, or take it as a challenge to rise to an occasion….While the timing on the major events of our lives is “fated,” we always have the free will to respond positively or negatively, productively or destructively, ignorantly or with awareness of the higher possibilities in the moment. That’s pure freedom.