On having absolute faith in the universe’s integrity

While facing life-changing decisions these couple of years, I came to the conclusion that I will just learn to trust the Universe, that if I intend all my actions for the good to the best of my capacity, the Universe will cater for me in its own way. It is interesting to stumble across this blog post that describes the beliefs/worldview of Buckminster Fuller, who went through a suicidal/depressive/penniless period (sounds familiar) before realising the quoted below, and then “wrote more than thirty books, created numerous design and architectural inventions, was awarded more than twenty five patents, held over forty eight honorary doctorates, and traveled the world lecturing and teaching.”

If one attends to the problems of humanity and commits oneself to solving them, the universe will care for that person the same way it cares for a flower or a bird. So he committed himself to working on the bigger tasks of the world on the absolute faith that the universe’s integrity will pay him back. His philosophy was that changing the world does not occur through preaching or social reforms, but through artifacts that solve the existing challenges of humanity.

From: Every man dies, but not every man lives