Growing Up Without Religion

Been very busy with work but cannot resist linking to this gem by Erin Pavlina amidst all the religous hoo-ha in Singapore.

It all seemed so silly to me to believe in some invisible guy who was constantly watching you to make sure you were good.  I thought that job belonged to Santa Claus.

I cannot understand why people with sane, intelligent minds believe in a book written a few thousand years back. Apparently it is because many prophecies came true in the Old Testaments. I don’t get the logic. Because 7 out of 10 items are true, that makes the rest of the 3 items true as well?

My view on religion warrants a really long blog post, which I will probably write when the workload gets better.

And I don’t believe in hell. I really don’t. I don’t particularly want to go to heaven as well, if it means going to a place full of people who condemns minorites to hell, think that slavery is okay because the bible says so. Or people who lead their lives in fear, not ever having the courage to be themselves, because the bible says so.

I don’t want to be in heaven with Dr Thio Su Mien as well.