She follows her heart (to Mexico)

Beautifully written article about following one’s heart, which in this instance, the author follows her heart, uprooted from her safe, secure lifestyle (and her husband), and moved all the way to rural Mexico.

The magic of the Universe didn’t die in me the day I took that leap. It didn’t emerge to help me make a change in my life just to simply return to its hovel of silent oblivion. No, this vibrant, energy-filled quality within each and every one of us, something that begged to once again inhabit its rightful home after so many years in hiding, surprised me yet again. The more I honored it, the clearer it spoke. The more I listened, the more obvious it became that it was a vital part of me, that without it, I was not, could never be, whole. It didn’t exist for one time assists. It wanted season tickets, to become a necessary, everyday part of my whole.

Makes me want to do the same. Not to Mexico probably. Just anywhere else that is near the oceans and the forests.