Having faith & belief

Lucian writes a beautiful post for his children (he writes the most beautiful words for his family) telling them to have belief and do not be quick to judge, using photography as his analogy, for it is usually the most unlikely times that yield the most breathtaking pictures.

Raeal shares a story in his monthly column for Cosmic Lighthouse, a story that tells of having faith, even when hope seems to be at the bleakest.

Two blog posts in the same day, touching on the same theme. I now know why I actually wanted to blog about Lucian’s post earlier in the day but somehow chose to wait. I understood the message when I read Raeal’s article later in the night.

I am not Christian, but I do believe in God without human labels and I have been proven time and time again, that everything occurs in divine timing. Things will turn out the way it is exactly meant to be.

Only the lack of faith and belief will sabotage it. Many a time people do not realise that you cannot expect miracles to happen when you do not believe in them yourself. Or good things to happen when you do not have faith in the good.

The greatest lessons in life are often so simple, it is the human mind that often seeks to complicate things.