Women entrepreneurs, creativity & money

Halfway through my work I thought I’ll stop and do some surfing instead. I didn’t manage to find anything from my usual google reader fix, so I decided to use the stumbleupon button on my firefox toolbar which I rarely use.

I discovered this gem of a site – Girl at Play, and uncovered even more gems, all from the same source – Alex Beauchamp.

She writes about:

I must have been a little slow, because she has been writing her blog since forever (in internet terms) and one of the first popular bloggers, and also one of the early blogs to write about freelancing.

She has this little site which interviewed more than 25 female artists and how they made their creative dreams real.

I share many of her earlier struggles, her epiphanies and perspectives, it is always nice (can’t find a better word, sorry) to find like-minded souls.