What do you need to do first?

Really like this post by Andrea Hess, she writes about people often proclaiming that they need to accomplish certain things first before they can start on their dreams. i.e. “I have to straighten my finances out before I can even think of starting my own business.”

The unpredictability of life is such that that while we cannot foresee unfortunate events happening to us, the same goes for the flip side – we cannot foresee fortunate events as well. This is a common pet peeve of mine, I usually tend to worry about all the dark and depressing obstacles in front of me even before they exist.

When I went into my self-employment in 2007, it was a unplanned decision without much financial preparation, and back then I would not even believe myself if I foresaw the progress I’ve made so far.

Sometimes in life, the best decisions are the impulsive, unplanned ones. :)

Perhaps it is time to go on my dream round-the-world trip without ‘sorting out my finances first’.