Stuck on Outcomes

Many of us do know that the process is always more important than the outcome, but in reality, this is easier to preach than practise. I find myself guilty of it very often, allowing myself to get too attached to a certain number, date, or result.

Slade Roberson writes about himself getting stuck on outcomes , at a time of the year when many people are writing about their goal-setting and resolutions.

…that singular-minded Goal Setting Getting Things Done Playbook has never done a damned thing for me. I wasted three decades of my life believing I was a failure for not “following through,” until I discovered that I am a Scanner…

I can totally resonate with the above quote, for reasons which I have written in my previous post.

Why do we feel inadequate when getting to know about someone else’s accomplishments, or when the same tried and tested solutions (i.e. the gtd system) on the rest of the world do not work?

We are all unique individuals, we should learn how to embrace our own unique journeys, processes and accomplishments.