Simon Cowell wrote a letter to his younger self

Simon Cowell wrote a surprisingly honest, open letter to his younger self to celebrate his 50th birthday. This is a letter that probably many of us will relate to (especially if you enjoy reading this blog).

So if you’re in your 20s to 30s and think you’ve just suffered a major failure or that you have achieved nothing so far and time is not on your side, read this letter.

It does take something extraordinary to ‘rise out of the ashes’ instead of wallowing in self-defeat. Cowell also had the self-honesty to admit that his younger self was ‘shallow and self-obsessed’ and thought he wasted lots of time on parties and alcohol.

What have you learned? Not to drink Galliano, that’s for sure. Today, on the eve of your 50th birthday, you are much more likely to drink two litres of water a day rather than a gallon of champagne.