Places That We Have Come To Leave The Most

Adri from wrote a beautiful piece on why she likes to go out of Singapore every so often; and compares Dubai with Singapore. There’s this part of the article that feels almost like I wrote it myself, except with the suspicion that I wouldn’t be able to write as well in the literal sense:

But every time I leave my country I feel free.

Not that I feel shackled by anything tangible at home — I don’t. Not that I am desperately trying to leave my family in a bid for premature independence, although my father thinks otherwise — I’m not. I simply feel freer. I find it easier to breathe. The possibilities seem endless the moment I leave the country. Not seeing 20 storey buildings in my peripheral vision might have something to do with that. It simply seems like once outside it, I leave also the packed trains of the MRT and the vacuous eyes of the salarymen in its carriages.

I have felt reborn each time I step out of this country. People tell me that I may regret my desire to be out permanently from Singapore, for I may dislike living long-term in foreign land and be back in Singaporean comforts. My gut feeling tells me I may find it difficult to be back here permanently again once I make that step out, even with the arms of my family waiting.