The technicalities of the site

Technical concept

Apart from my long-winded writing, I’ll be sharing interesting links, inspiring quotes, maybe a pic or two from my iphone random snaps, therefore I wanted to be able to distinctly differentiate my posts, so that people will be able to quickly scan through the posts and read whatever that interests them.

So I ended up with a semi tumble-blog concept, inspired by a combination of Sam Brown, tumblr, and chyrp.


I was an avid fan of Textpattern, but every textpattern lover is aware that there have been hiccups between the development process, and it is sad for me because I really think textpattern is a great CMS. I am still a big fan and will continue to use it to power my portfolio, because it is really powerful as a CMS, but in terms of blogging, I think currently WordPress edges out with the speed of development, array of plug-ins, and the very big community. I have used WordPress for a couple of clients’ sites and I was honestly impressed. I was won over by the amount of plugins available, which makes it possible to easily accomplish almost any functionality under the sun.


I could have wanted the design to be drop dead gorgeous, but that would mean I would probably never ever launch it. I reminded myself the real purpose of the site, which is to share my thoughts, so I had to constantly nag at myself not to spend too much time on the design itself. Eventually I settled for what you’re seeing now, something that is minimal, yet has it’s own character, optimized for readability.

The logo

The rainbow symbolises hope – you know they always say the rainbow appears after the rain. The accompanying scripts, was my not-so-good attempt of digital hand-lettering with my wacom tablet, but it will do for now, until I get a chance to learn proper hand-lettering. I’ve always loved the hand-drawn feel. The colors of the rainbow represent the different types of posts available on this site.