Am a designer by trade, loves to travel and writes to share.

You may realise that I seem to have plenty of issues while reading this blog – I like to write about them – there is something intricately powerful about airing out our innermost fears and thoughts. I will attempt to chronicle my personal growth and discoveries, I would think it would be an interesting journey that is worth documenting.

I have a *really* open mind. I thank God for it. No I am not Christian (no offense intended), I believe religions are like languages – different translations for effective communication towards different cultures – though I think the originally intended purpose is somewhat lost now.

You may also find yourself raising your eyebrow while reading this site. I no longer care, though I used to worry about it. I am proud that I am open in receiving and giving information, something that is not common within our society.

I have felt alienated all my life, simply because I refuse to subscribe to the pragmatic pursuits most people have. I believe in concepts like astrology and reincarnation and I don’t like to climb the corporate/social ladder.

I am still shy (work in progress). If you write to me I can probably send a 10-page long email back. I am hopeless at verbal communication though. I tend to be long-winded and repetitive (as you can tell by now).


The idea for this site began quite a while ago when I felt the intense need to start sharing my thoughts and discoveries with people.

I was a very unhappy child and young adult, I couldn’t find meaning in life and didn’t know what purpose my existence had. Depressive and suicidal thoughts constantly plagued my consciousness.

The turning point

Someone encouraged me to read her copy of Celestine Prophecy, and for the first time in my life, I started to contemplate the idea that life could actually have meaning and purpose. This was the beginning of my spiritual journey.

The intended objective of this blog

I remembered how reading people’s inspiring accounts of their lives had lifted me up, and I believe that by sharing my own personal experiences and discoveries, there will be people, however few, who may find empathy or comfort in my words. To me, as long as I can touch a little of even one person’s life, that will be enough.

I try to write with bare-naked honesty with probably a lot of self-criticism and introspection. I seek change and growth consciously, most of the time uncomfortable but much needed. Do try to pardon me if I do not make much sense or if my writing seems to be disorganized. After all, I have mercury in pisces.

I hope to spread happiness, love and ideas through this blog.

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My beliefs (and disclaimer)

I believe in the magic of the Universe, which includes concepts like the laws of karma, synchronicity, reincarnation and astrology. These are often referred to ‘new-age’ concepts but they have been found to be etched in history since ancient times. i believe in God but I do not see the need to belong in an organized religion, because I truly feel and believe that God loves all and does not discriminate. God’s love is universal and unconditional, it does not make sense that he/she would define a set of rigid rules for people to live by.

I know by stating these beliefs I risk touching the raw nerves of many people, but these are the fundamentals of my beliefs and they are important to the views that I express on this blog.

I try to live my life without judgment, and I welcome everybody to read this blog. I hope people would keep an open mind while reading what I write, but there will always be some who might get very upset. However, I need to stay true to myself and will express what I truly feel. I cannot help if people want to get upset, and I know that more importantly, I will be able to reach out to those who can resonate with me.


I was shopping around intentionally for a .me domain, and I did not really want to use my name as it was already in use for my business and I did not want people to get confused. I used to go by the handle ‘fragmented’ because that was how I felt, I felt my thoughts, feelings and soul were fragmented. I constantly feel and think a lot, probably too much, many times feeling and thinking many different things at the same time. I thought it was quite apt to think of myself like a computer disk drive, with all the files and memory fragmented in different places, this feeling can be very overwhelming. This site is an attempt to chronicle and organize the fragments of my mind, feelings and soul – thus,

The subject matter

I intend to write about everything that I have learnt, as well as matters or incidents that influence me, which means it would be a wide-range of subjects – my life lessons, spiritual growth, astrology insights, freelancing experiences, design matters, maybe even a critique on soccer. I have had a long-running dilemma about this, to go niche and focus on one subject and thus having to maintain separate blogs, or to just write anything that relates to me. Ultimately I decided that this is *my* chronicles, and the issues that I will be writing about have intricate relationships to each other, i.e. I cannot really write about my freelancing lessons without involving my spiritual understanding. I chose to present the entire picture, and allow people to have the freedom to choose whether they would like to read my writings or not.

The site

if you happen to be a geek like me, you can read about the technicalities of the site.

Full disclosure

The links for the books I read or recommend, and the link to my web host are affliate links. While my intention for this blog is not to solicit income, but if you decide to purchase a book by clicking on one of these links, it will earn me a small referral fee, which I will use to offset the costs of this website, or it may be used as a contribution for one of my causes.

Causes I support

I have an affinity for animals, and I try to contribute a bit of my income to small animal volunteer groups who rescue strays, rehome them, as well as sterilize them in a bid to control the stray population and reduce the possibility of having to put these homeless animals to sleep. Project JK is one of these groups which my partner and I regularly volunteer with. The group is made up of just 3 people who spend a lot of their personal time and effort, with no monetary returns, to help animals in need. It is one thing to volunteer your free time once in a while, and another altogether to dedicate a sizable chunk of your time, day after day. I applaud them.